Pre-Hibernation Retreat

November 30th – December 2nd

Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre

Just as squirrels store nuts for winter, we can store some good energy through community, yoga and Light.
Sneak Preview: At this retreat we will learn methods to blend our every day experiences with our yoga practices. We will look at dreams and the study and analysis of our dreams. You will go home with methodology for deciphering your own dreams. We will learn to use postures to give us answers for our life questions. This is all about you and learning ways to enrich your everyday life.
This is an eco-friendly, off-the-grid environment that offers beautiful surroundings, good food and a great host and hostess.
Food will be primarily vegetarian, no wheat and no dairy.
More details re driving instructions & what to bring will be sent later.
Arrive 4pm Friday, depart 2pm Sunday.
Payment: One cheque to Emerge Centres for $271.20 & another to Marilyn in the amount of $200.
1st cheque is due Sept. 15th and 2nd is due Oct. 15th.

This retreat will be led by Marilyn B. Allpress, OM Yoga
Contact info: 905-983-9852


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